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In the world full of diversity
I decide my own beauty
I create, my beauty itself
Wherever I am
Whatever I do
My soul and body
My thoughts, my actions, my choices
All stands for me
Matcha accompanied by 
my daily physical and mental cycle.
Toward the beauty of each “me”



Anti-Aging and Skin Beautifying Effects

Matcha contains "Catechins" and "Vitamin E" which have antioxidant effects that prevent aging caused by cell oxidation. Vitamin E also promotes skin turnover. Additionally, matcha is rich in Vitamin C which, when combined with catechins, suppresses melanin pigments and promotes the formation of beautiful skin through collagen synthesis.

Relaxation and Sleep Support

"Theanine," a flavor component found only in tea, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, suppresses brain excitement, and has relaxing effects. This component also reduces stress and improves sleep quality.

Enhance Concentration

Matcha contains caffeine, just like coffee, which helps with fatigue recovery and alertness. At the same time, the relaxing component "theanine" soothes anxiety and calms the mind, which can improve performance under stress.

Detoxification and intestinal health

Matcha, made by grinding whole tea leaves into powder, is rich in dietary fiber. The dietary fiber in matcha stimulates the intestines and promotes bowel movements while increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. This component also helps eliminate harmful substances from the body along with the feces, keeping the intestines clean.

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